Indoor Activities

Lake Superior and Mother Nature rule on Madeline Island!  If a rainy day greets you – here are some suggestions …

• Visit the Madeline Island Museum.  When you take time to read and study each exhibit you’ll learn so much about the significance of this historical place!  Don’t forget to check out the gift shop featuring a great selection of books, which are perfect to read while listening to the raindrops hit the roof!
• The Madeline Island Library began as a school, and still provides learning opportunities.  Stop to read, listen to an audiobook, or use one of the computers if you must connect to mainland life!  The library also carries current copies of periodicals, with plenty of spots to cozy up, and read.
Grab a bite to eat or just have a warm cup of coffee and watch the raindrops fall into Lake Superior.
• Board games and decks of cards are available at many local retailers for family game time, or for games on a larger scale – head across the bay to the new casino in Red Cliff – Legendary Waters. Shuttle Transportation is available at the ferry landing in Bayfield.
• Visit Woods Hall and watch weavers at work, and maybe give weaving a try yourself!
• If the rain hasn’t stopped, pop up your umbrella and enjoy a rainy walk on a nature trail!  If the kids are here – let them jump in the puddles and count the worms!