Ready & Open Campaign

Ready & Open Campaign

What is Madeline Island READY & OPEN campaign?

The Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce has implemented the READY & OPEN campaign to support Madeline Island businesses with communicating to the community, regarding safety best-practices adopted in response to COVID-19. Our top priority is the safety of community, employees, and visitors. In support of the State of Wisconsin’s ‘Turn the Dial’ order, the business community of Madeline Island stands ready to move towards a thriving economic environment while protecting against the renewed spread of coronavirus. The READY & OPEN campaign is not a regulatory effort. Our role is simply to support and assist member businesses by providing a marketing platform by which each business can highlight its safety efforts during this time. Each participating business is responsible and accountable for its own actions, efforts, and representations made in connection with the READY & OPEN campaign. While compliance is expected, the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce cannot and does not guarantee that any business is employing or undertaking any safety measures.

These READY & OPEN recommendations can and will change. This campaign is merely a simplified version of federal, state, and local guidelines. It is the responsibility of each individual business to research industry specific safety measures. We recommend the guidelines being put out by WEDC. They can be found at

Preparing for Madeline Island READY & OPEN:

  1. Assess store capacity–maximum 5 customers at a time for non-essential retail. If a store cannot maintain 6’ social distancing with 5 customers in the store, it will need to lower the number of customers allowed in at a time. Bayfield READY & OPEN is endorsed by the Ashland County Health Department.
  2. Provide proper spacing for people waiting to enter. Establish a line outside the store to control entry, with markings so customers know where to stand to ensure social distancing. Alternatively, stores could allow customers to wait in their cars and notify them by phone or text when it’s their turn to enter the store.
  3. Restrict the number of staff to only what is strictly necessary.
  4. Increase standards of facility cleaning and disinfecting to limit staff and customer exposure to COVID-19 and adopt protocols to clean and disinfect in the event of a positive COVID-19 case. Communicate your policy with all employees.
  5. Be prepared with appropriate PPE. Hand sanitizer, face coverings, cleaning supplies, etc.
  6. Publicly declare your READY & OPEN safety measures on the business entrance and in your marketing. Customers will look for this, and the blue open signage will indicate a cohesively safe Madeline Island We have provided printable posters, open signs to participating businesses.

Recommended Material List for Madeline Island READY & OPEN:

  • Masks for all employees whenever appropriate
  • Disinfectant Spray
  • Facilities for employees to regularly wash hands with soap and water
  • Hand Sanitizer for employee & customer use
  • Gloves
  • A way to process credit cards/electronic payment (credit/debit cards transfer less germs than cash)
  • Tape for marking social distance at checkouts/entrance

UPDATE 07/28/20:
Please read Town of LaPointe Face Covering Ordinance CLICK HERE

Please note, many businesses are opening with special safety precautions in place. Masks may be required, social distancing and different ordering procedures than in the past, may be implemented. Please check our website for the business page you are interested in, and their days and hours of operation, and precautions at

Contact the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce by emailing [email protected] for any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Ashland County has revised the previous Travel Advisory to Travel Safe. Travel Safe does not include a suggested 14 day self quarantine. Click on the link to see the details of Ashland County’s newest Travel Advisory


Ready & Open Businesses

Please contact the business directly for up to date information, visit for individual business contact numbers. If you are a Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce member and have changes, please contact [email protected] or call (715) 747-2801.

Planning on visiting. Please be safe and follow guidelines set by each individual business. Masks are required to order or enter at some businesses, please come prepared.

Business are following the Ready & Open campaign for their employees to make sure you are a safe as possible when you visit. Look for sign in the window to show that they are Ready & Open!

Please call ahead for the latest information

Last Updated: 07/29/2020

Beach Club- (715) 747-3955, Open daily, outdoor seating only. 11 am-3pm & 4pm-8pm for food service, online and phone orders only.

Adventure Vacations- (715) 747-2100 Open Monday-Sunday 10am-5pm

Bell Street Gallery- (715) 747-2092 Open Monday-Saturday 12am-5pm

Big Bay State Park-(715) 747-6425 Camping Open

Big Bay Town Park-715-747-3031: Camping Open

Bog Lake Canoe Rentals-Open, call 715-747-2685, or first come first serve at Big Bay Town Park 

Café Seiche-Open for window service: 715-747-2033 Friday-Sunday 4pm-8pm Monday 11am-2pm

Deena’s Pottery Studio-Open Wednesday-Sunday  10am-5pm email [email protected] for details

Dockside, (715) 747-2314: Open daily 9am-5pm

Farmers Market-Open mid to late June, Fridays at 11:15am-12:30pm

Farmhouse and Hayloft lodging- 715-747-3276 (FARM) or 715-747-2000: online ordering, outdoor seating. Friday-Sunday 9am-2pm, Lodging open.

Flame & Stone Jewelry-Open online,

Grampa Tony’s- (715) 747-3911: Open Wednesday-Sunday 8am-8pm. Indoor and outdoor dining

Island Carvers- (715) 747-6595: Open, Thursday through Sunday 12pm-5pm.

Island Market, (715) 747-6635:  Open daily-10am-6pm, Monday through Thursday,  Sunday, Friday & Saturday 10am-7pm

Island Shores Group-eXp Realty-Open: 715-747-2480

La Point Public Library-Monday

La Pointe Town Hall –715-747-6913-Monday-Friday 8am-4pm, Call for appointment

Lakeview Laundromat-Open: 715-242-0406

LaPointe Center- (715) 209-5471: Open Tuesday through Saturday 11am-4pm

La Pointe Community Clinic-Open, call for information-715-747-2722

Lori’s Store-715-747-5200: Open daily 10-3 pm

Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce-715-747-2801 Open daily

Madeline Island Candles, (715) 747-3090:  Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

Madeline Island Farmers Market-Fridays 9:15am-12:30pm 

Madeline Island Ferry Line Office-Open daily for information and outdoor package delivery pickup 8am-4:30pm: call 715-747-2051 for information, 

Madeline Island Golf Course-715-747-3212: Open daily reservations required

Madeline Island Heritage Center-Buildings closed, grounds open

Madeline Island Laundromat-Open daily

Madeline Island Museum-Call 715-747-2415 for reservations Wed-Sunday 10am-2pm. Wednesday shopping only.

Madeline Island School of the Arts-Call 715-747-2054 For more information

Madeline Island Trail Rides-Call 715-209-6666 for information

Madeline Island Yacht Club (715) 747-2655: Daily 8am-5:15pm Fuel dock open until 5pm

Mission Hill Coffee-Open daily-7am-2pm.

Motion to Go-715-747-6585: Starting August 1-Open Tuesday-Saturday, 9am-5pm, closed Sunday & Monday

Ricky Rock & JEM-By appointment only 715-209-1161

Rockhouse Food Truck, (715) 747-2325: Open, walkup or call for takeout

St. Johns Church-Online services. Call 715-747-3945 for more information

Sylvan Island Events-Open, call 715-747-2785 for information

The Inn on Madeline Island-715-747-6315 for reservations

The Pub- (715) 747-6315: Daily-3pm-9pm- Saturday 12pm-9pm Outdoor seating only

Walking Tour at Ferry Office-June 29- August 21, 11:00am Monday through Friday

Woods Hall- (715) 747-3943: Monday through Sat 10am-5pm Sunday 12pm-3pm

Q&Z’s bakery-Open , email [email protected] for more information